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Bovine Music Show 091227 (broadband)
December 21, 2009 04:19 AM PST

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Helicon --- Hiding in the Shadows

Anthems MA --- City Without Shadows

danielbg --- Ce Sourire

Virus Factory --- Chaos Suture

Dry Pond --- Running from them part 1

Tran Qual --- Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

Isokon Flats & KC --- North-West Passage

The Bureau of Nonstandards --- Untitled 2

Ex Norwegian --- Mind Down

Forrest Fang --- Night Flow

Bovine Music Show 091213 (broadband)
December 07, 2009 04:30 AM PST

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Activity Set --- Turn a Perfect Circle
Smith's Blues (CD)

Insecta Sonic --- Mercury Rising

ITP --- Adon Olam

David Portugheis --- Wondering Mind

ST ST --- Welcome In

The Fly Kingdom --- The Last Goodbye

James Hammontree --- Take Me Out Of The Way

Lunch with Beardo --- The Second Official Communication

Microscope --- Green Dust Bunny

Ken Clinger --- Sunbeams

Bovine Music Show 091129 (broadband)
November 24, 2009 04:35 AM PST

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mondojetset --- Dear Dennis

Ohmwerk --- Swell

Robin O'Brien --- Second

Pau Ministral --- A chance is given by the Oracle

James D. Stark --- Hell Anomy Remix

knyaz mishkin --- k m adliga

Al Perry --- Dreaming

Herr Purpur & KC --- Theosophy Revisited

9 on Bali --- Sanur (part 2)
Sanur (CD)

Alexandre Falcao --- Deep Dreams

Bovine Music Show 091115 (broadband)
November 09, 2009 04:18 AM PST

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Strong Little Fox --- White Walls Like Blankets

Chris Gross --- Telemetry

Conrad Forster & KC --- Characters (in Beatles songs)

Russ Stedman --- To Kenneth Anger

Deuce --- Pictures On The Dresser

Rabushka --- Duo for Bassoon and Piano

Silly Pillows Jonathan --- Persnickety Demo

John M. Bennett & Rotocod Zzaj --- Where The Lakes Think Dust

The Cats’ Orchestra --- Eye Sockets

Whistle Mix --- When I Am Gone

Bovine Music Show 091025 (broadband)
October 19, 2009 04:22 AM PDT

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Les Sourires Trompeurs --- l'avenue des soupirs

Metal Babble --- Untitled WIP2 109

Niki Hellenbroich --- Black

CGIII-KC --- How To Cut Kabocha (KC remix)

Sauer Kreuz Feuer --- jigs sred

Hal McGee --- Dark Side of the Sun (part 1)

Holden --- My Present

Sungap --- Cold Dead

Andy Xport --- We're Gonna Change The World

Deosil --- Meditation I

Bovine Music Show 091011 (broadband)
October 05, 2009 04:17 AM PDT

(go to for dialup version)

METAFONIK --- Day Before You Come

Blind Mime Ensemble --- Earth Spake

Jason Mundok --- The Other Side

COURTIS --- Astral Duck Channeling

Pol Symtas and the Invisible Band --- Tales from Voters

Sandin-Clinger --- Asthma Door

Emily Picha --- Islands

Michael Thomas Jackson --- Eatonville Phantom Mix

Schnauser --- Walking stick and cat

Thom Brennan --- Radiant Ice

Bovine Music Show 090927 (broadband)
September 21, 2009 04:13 AM PDT

(go to for dialup version)

colour kane --- a taste of

pc muñoz --- Hurricane Miguel Space Dub Remix

Butch Young --- Asteroid

David Minnick --- Electronic Music Medley

Appalachian Translator --- False Alarm

Wilson --- Dear Child

Christy --- About You

JunglyWorm --- Hole
Mes DrAmAtiQues CoMéDies --- sauf dans mes reves

Cystem --- Reviled

Terry Childers --- for the world is hollow

puffin on my side --- faded distance

Bovine Music Show 090913 (broadband)
September 08, 2009 04:23 AM PDT

(go to for dialup version)

Anton Barbeau --- The Automatic Door

Thelonious Octopus --- See, Amid the Winter's Snow

Todd Reese --- Rose of Sharon

teclado do mariola 1 --- brazillian flute

Saint Lazare --- Passe l'hiver (well fingered mix)

Mr. Viced Honest --- Charmian Kittredge

Bangkok --- Idon't

liam eare --- Love Me Now I Am A Rover

Peter Paul Parker --- Landslide

2600 Hz --- Dream in the Rain

Bovine Music Show 090830 (broadband)
August 24, 2009 04:11 AM PDT

(go to for dialup version)

Micky Saunders --- Individualime
Individualime (CD)

Chris Carter --- MEATGRINDAH

Isokon Flats --- Coldest Capital

Dan Fioretti --- onlooker in regard to the stratospheres

Lionel Neykov --- I Need You

If, Bwana --- Cicada #4AA: Trio Scordatura version

Burt Mobain --- Niteowlz

Don Campau --- Counterveil (excerpt)

Livan --- The machine

Seeglass --- sun rain cloud dusk

Bovine Music Show 090816 (broadband)
August 10, 2009 04:29 AM PDT

(go to for dialup version)

unclejim & raycarmen --- Traces (jimix)
unreleased mp3

Mental Anguish --- Roll For You (Take Rattle & Roll Mix)

The OGeez --- I'm Green With Envy

Conrad McQueen & KC --- Alan

Denis LUC --- Nelson

Dan Wilkie --- The Only and All

Trip Lava --- Flying Tremolo

Rogue Thief --- Full Circle

Dyrk Shivay --- Remember Yourself

Music Box Archives --- Dans les ruines d'Abbaye (Faure)

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